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Violence from a Historical Perspective 

The phenomenon of violence belongs to frequent themes in historiography. When it comes to recent scholarship (focusing on the period from the end of the 19th century to the present time), historians zoom in on war conflicts and aftermaths, which are often associated with an increased level of violence among the civilian population (Böhler, Borodziej and Puttkamer 2014) . In recent years, research has also focused on paramilitary violence as a specific type of violence, forming its own negotiating norms (Gerwarth and Horne 2012, Gerwarth 2016, Bodó 2011, Sanborn 2010).

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Transitional Justice 


Violence and Trauma from a Mental Health Perspective


Security Community

The line of research inspired by (while also rearticulating) the concept of security community, conceived as political communities that eliminate war and the expectation of war within their boundaries (Deutsch 1954; Deutsch et al. 1957), may propose a novel perspective in interrogating at least two key issues of this project: how do states and societies reckon with collective violence of the past, and how is collective violence securitised within communities.

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