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International Colloquium "How to Get Published"

Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths

Troubled Pasts in the History and Memory of East-Central & South-East Europe

PRIMUS Research Project
in cooperation with the CUNI Institute for the Study of Strategic Regions
(WG: Research of Collective Memory in European Semi-Peripheries),
and UNCE VITRI (Center for the Transdisciplinary Research of Violence, Trauma and Justice)

International Colloquium How to Get Published


Friday, March 2, 2018

Venue: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Main Building – Jan Palach Square 2, Prague 1 (Room No. 313)

10:00 Colloquium opening

10:15 Florian Bieber (University of Graz)
Director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies, Vice-President of the ANS, current Editor in Chief, Contemporary Southeastern Europe and former Editor in Chief, Nationalities Papers.
Expose followed by Q&A

11:30‒12:00 Coffee Break12:00‒12:45

12:45‒14:00 Roundtable with high-quality editors of journals:

Marek Skovajsa (Czech Sociological Review), Hana Kubátová (Journal of Nationalism, Memory & Language Politics), and Joseph Grim Feinberg (Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought)

Later Event: November 22
VITRI 2018 Fall Workshop