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Charles University Research Center of Excellence, established 2018

The Center for the Transdisciplinary Research of Violence, Trauma and Justice (acronym VITRI) represents a hub for the study of collective violence, reconciliation, and transitional justice at the Charles University:

WP 1 Violence from a Historical Perspective 

WP 2 Transitional Justice 

WP 3 Violence and Trauma from a Mental Health Perspective

WP 4 Security Community

VITRI is a joint project of five faculties of Charles University, the leading university in the region, namely the Faculty of Social Sciences (with the Institute of Political Studies and Institute of Area Studies representing the backbone of the project), the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen (Psychiatric Clinic and the Institute of Pathological Physiology), and the Law Faculty (Department of Legal History). Juniors from the Faculty of Arts (Institute of Global History) and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Malach Center for Visual History) complement our team. 

Our research center of excellence has two principle aims. It strives to strengthen ties between individual researchers, disciplines and faculties, and thus endorse further cohesion within the Charles University. More importantly, it  promotes excellent research and provides members with necessary tools to enhance the academic, societal, cultural and economic impact of their work.

In line with the Charles University long-term strategic plan VITRI hence reinforces the position of the Charles University as an open, internationalized, research-based institution.


Our Members

VITRI present a hub where juniors can learn from the seniors (and vice versa, of course), visiting fellows, and our distinguished Academic Board members. We hope this collaboration will lead to excellent quality projects and research endeavors. 


Junior Members

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Doctoral Students

Advisory Board

Distinguished members of our Advisory Board provide strategic advice and feedback to the senior members on the VITRI's performance.